Tips To Save Money


We all like to make our money stretch a little further. Everyday lunchbox foods are often no more expensive than sometimes foods. Here are some tips to make your everyday lunchbox budget friendly.

  1. Choose vegetables and fruit displayed at the front of the supermarket as these are usually in season – and usually on special.
  2. Buy in bulk and pack into smaller portions at the start of the week. Great everyday options include baked beans, tinned fruit in natural juice, reduced fat yoghurt and rice or corn cakes.
  3. Make you own popcorn by microwaving plain corn kernels in a brown paper bag. Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes or until the popping slows down. The paper bag can go straight into the lunchbox!
  4. Try canned or frozen vegetables and fruit. These options can be just as nutritious and can be stored much longer.
  5. Swap a pre-packaged cheese and biscuit snack for wholegrain crackers and reduced fat cheese portioned from larger packs and save a bundle! 
  6. Shop the specials! This refers to the grain based part of your lunchbox too. Look for different varieties of bread that are on special, this will also create added interest in your lunchbox.
  7. You may find yourself running low on everyday lunchbox ingredients by Friday. Instead of a traditional ‘main’ make a ‘tasting box’ with a combination of all your leftover ingredients from the fridge. Waste not - want not!

The Cost of Healthy Living

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