Tips To Keep Food Safe


Food poisoning is never fun. Young children are at higher risk than adults. Research into lunchbox safety has shown that lunchboxes without a frozen brick get up to 12 degrees warmer than those with an ice brick. They also grow more than four times the amount of food bacteria. This is why lunchbox food safety is so important!

1. Freeze water bottles or low fat milk poppers, to use as lunch box ice bricks. They double as a refreshing drink on a Summer’s day.

2. Keep the lunchbox in the fridge until you leave the house for school.

3. Use frozen bread to make a sandwich. It keeps the lunchbox cool and defrosts by lunchtime.

4. As a base for food safety choose an insulated lunchbox.

5. Always wash your hands before preparing the lunchbox and ensure that lunchboxes and containers are kept clean.

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