Fruit sticks 

Breakfast based bars  (E.g. LCMs, Nutri-grain Bars, Milo Bars) 

Muesli bars 

Chocolate bars

Sweet biscuits  (e.g. Tiny Teddies,
bread babies, Oreo Wafer Sticks) 


Dairy desserts  (e.g. Yogo,
Chocolate Snack Packs

SWAP TO these types of EVERYDAY foods

Pre-packaged options

Fresh fruit in season 

Dried fruit (small serve and occasionally). (e.g. Sunbeam, Sweet Vine, Micro Minis, Gobble Sunsweet prunes, Sun Valley, Angas Park, Woolworths or Coles). 

Tinned fruit in natural juice (eg: Goulburn valley, SPC, Sweet valley, Woolworths or Coles) 

Fruit puree pouch (eg: Golden Circle, SPC) 

Dried fruit boxes (small serve and occasionally). (Sunbeam, Sweet Vine, Micro Minis, Gobble Sunsweet prunes, Angas Park, Woolworths or Coles). 

Pre-packaged cereal (Uncle Tobys Fruity Bites – Wildberry Flavour)

Fruit yoghurt (Yoplait, Orchard fruits, Brooklea, Danone, CalciYum) 

Plain yoghurt (Calciyum, Yoplait, Tamar Valley, Dairy Cream)  

Reduced fat yogurt (Vaalia, Ski D’Lite,  Yoplait, Danone, Chobani, Yummia, Coles, Petite-Miam,Tamar Valley 6 pack) 

Reduced fat custard packs (eg: Foster Clark, Pauls, Woolworths banana custard)

Some preparation required

Fruit salad 

Decant large packs of dried fruit/tinned fruit in natural juice/fruit puree into small containers 

High fibre breakfast cereals decanted to small serves (e.g. Sanitarium Weet-bix Bites, Uncle Toby’s Cheerios, Weeties, Shredded wheat) 

Pumpkin seeds 

Sunflower seeds 

Raw nuts 

Fruit buns (Woolworths, Coles or Bakers Delight) 

Fruit bread (Raisin Toast)

Pikelets (Golden, Coles or Woolworths) 

Raisin bread with light cream cheese spread 

Plain, fruit or vegetable scones 

Fruit spice English Muffins 

Large tubs of reduced fat plain/fruit yoghurt 

Reduced fat yoghurt with muesli. 

Reduced fat yoghurt with fresh/frozen fruit. 

Light/reduced fat custard (Pauls Light vanilla custard – 600g tub) 


Homemade fruit puree using a food processor/stick blender then portioned into small containers and frozen (a great use for fruit that is past it’s prime)

Pikelets (plain, vegetable or fruit) 

Whole-wheat scones (plain, cheesy, fruit or vegetable).  

Low fat custard 

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Swap Out Sweet Junk Food


Swap Out Sweet Junk Food

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